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22 February 2008 @ 05:03 pm
Oh God, a meme  
1. Leave me a casual comment of no particular significance, like a lyric to your current favorite song, your favorite kind of sandwich, or maybe your favorite game. Any remark, meaningless or not.
2. I will respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. Update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. Include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in your own post.
5. When others respond with a desultory comment, you will ask them five questions.

Questions courtesy of Dan:

1) What do you like most about California?

The lack of snow.

2) What do you hate most about California?

The pretentious yuppie-hippies. (yuhippies?)

3) What do you think of the Fibonacci Sequence?

I think it's pretty damn awesome that the pattern of florets in a sunflower head can be written as a mathematical sequence. But Indian mathematicians thought of it first! Who does Fibonacci think he is? ;)

4) What is the meaning of life?

To find the ripest raspberries in the forest.

5) What should my fifth question have been?

How many severed fingers am I holding up?

Current State of Mind: lazyprocrastinating
Current Music: Liz Phair (before she sold out)
laurel_potterlaurel_potter on February 24th, 2008 01:42 am (UTC)
4) What is the meaning of life?

To find the ripest raspberries in the forest.

Actually, it's 42.

Rod: gaspgeezer_also on February 24th, 2008 04:53 am (UTC)
shoot, I was sure it was 47
Freckled Satan High Priestess: Don't worryhippie_girl8 on February 24th, 2008 07:49 am (UTC)
In that case...

1) What is the meaning of paper cuts?

2) Have you every been trapped in a room with a creepy doll, and if so, did you get the irrational fear that it was going to kill you?

3) We all know it's okay to be in love with a fictional character, but is it okay to be in love with a really ugly fictional character?

4) Would you rather be eaten slowly by an alligator or crushed to death by a sea of dead mice?

5) What is, in retrospect, the most embarrassing article of clothing you have ever worn?

Michael Blumedudley_doright on February 25th, 2008 08:19 am (UTC)
some dude hit me on my bike an hour ago.
Freckled Satan High Priestess: El Diablohippie_girl8 on February 26th, 2008 03:22 am (UTC)
1) Seriously?

2) If you could have sex with any fictional character, who would it be and why?

3) What would be the best way for the Underpants Gnomes to make a profit stealing people's underpants?

4) If I were to peer into your soul, what kind of luncheon meat would I find?

5) Who would win in a fight: Xena or Buffy?
Michael Blumedudley_doright on February 27th, 2008 08:33 am (UTC)
thanks =)

all done!